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Catalan Tourist Rental License nr:  HUTG-013742

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Calonge, 12 August  2014 – New official “Catalan tourist rental license” now all done and available for Villa Don Camillo

On July 29th, 2014 and after quite some additional costs, administrative burden and lost time and effort, we finally received our official license number from the Catalan Tourist Authority, allowing us to officially rent our vacation home to tourists for their summer holidays. Compliance with this license forces us however to charge from now on the tourist tax (0,45€ per night with a max. of 7 nights) for every guest from age 17. All guests will receive from next year onwards, a detailed official invoice including this tourist tax together with the information and keys.


Calonge, 24 February 2014 – New regulations for Tourist rentals in Catalunya

As of this year onwards, all owners of tourist properties will have to charge their lessees with a new Tourist tax for each person above 17 years of age and per night stay at their houses. This tax, of 0,45€ per person and per night with a max. of 7 nights, will from this day onwards be calculated as an addition to all our rental prices and paid by us to the Catalan authorities quarterly. This tax will be deducted from the waranty before refund.

Calonge, 10 August 2013 – Credit card payments now accepted!

PayPalNEW – As of today onwards, our valued Clients will be enabled to pay the rental fees by credit card via the worldwide recognized and highly secure PAYPAL internet payment system. Clients will have to check the “Credit Card Payment”-option in the reservation form and send it back to us. They will then receive an email payment invitation from PAYPAL with a hyperlink to their secured website. The reservation will be confirmed as of the date of reception of the payment on our own PAYPAL-account.


Calonge, 30 March 2013 New enhancement to the house now completely ready for the new season.

New terace layout (open position)

The changes to the house described in the article below, have been finalized and are now fully ready to be used as of this season onwards. This enclosed terrace can be openened towards the pool side in summer while closed in the somwhat less hot periods of the year. It has a nice view on the village below as well as the “Las Gavarres” hills on the opposite slopes. Perfect for morning breakfast, afternoon tea or just for reading the newspapers with a coffee or drink. A full size picture can be found in the image gallery.


Calonge, 20 December 2012 – More enhancements to the house this winter

Since we are continuously working on maintaining and improving our villa for our own comfort during our stays overthere, we have recently decided to make an important modification to the small terrace at the pool side. This terrace is in its present layout only usable between May and late October due to the fact that, although covered, it is open on 2 sides. In winter, early spring and automn this terrace is indeed open to the main wind directions and rain fall. We shall therefore install full height opening windows on the 2 sides of that terrace thereby not only increasing the size of the living room by some 10m², but also enabeling the usage of that extra room troughout the year either in fully opened or fully/partially closed positions with nice views on the village below and the pool and garden area’s. This will particularly be appreciated by ourselves and valued guests, for morning breakfast, afternoon tea or just for reading the newspaper in those months where the outside climate is just not good enough for those activities. We are convinced that this modification will be very welcome and appreciated. We shall publish photo’s of these enhancements in March ’13.